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Junk Food Blog

Specials of the Week: Inauguration Edition

Posted by XUMO on Jan 20, 2017 11:04:22 AM

This week on the Junk Food Blog, we bring you a bromance for the ages, psychic predictions of 2020 campaign messaging mixed with a nice horror movie homage, a guide to the inauguration and early days of the Trump presidency…and the funniest darn dog and cat videos 2017 has to offer (all two weeks of it!). And now we’ve just saved you 45 minutes of searching for something to watch on your TV guide, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and whatever else you have lumped into your home TV entertainment bill this month—because this stuff is all free right here on XUMO. You can use that time to start learning a foreign language, begin tax season prep, get a workout in to work off some of that holiday weight (stupid Santa sugar cookies with the icing and sprinkles on top!), or you could just watch some more funny animal tug of war videos on The Pet Collective—yeah, we’re not opting for the workout, either. Enjoy the dog on dog tug of war!

WATCH: President Trump Bids Farewell to Obamas

There have been a lot of unanswered questions floating around such as, "Will President Trump take a different tone than President-Elect Trump once sworn in? Will he get rid of NATO? Who exactly are these people he’s filling his cabinet with?" But, before we find out answers to any of these questions, watch President Trump bid farewell to the former first family, the Obamas. Watch here on the Bloomberg Politics channel on XUMO.

WATCH: Donald Trump Reveals 2020 Campaign Slogan

Yes, you read that right. President Donald Trump has already locked in a campaign slogan for the next election cycle and he’s already telling people how great it will be. The slogan is, “Keep America Great!” and you’ve got to admire (or be confused by) the confidence of a man revealing that he plans to campaign based on the success he hasn’t yet had. It’s an interesting time in politics and Veuer has coverage of the new campaign slogan—years ahead of its time—here on XUMO. Oh, and by the way, if you’re thinking, “You know, I really think I’ve heard that slogan before!” You have. It’s from The Purge: Election Year—you know, the less than stellar sequel to The Purge, a horror film about a dystopian United States here the strong and the rich murder the poor and the weak one night a year just to get it out of their system. I’m not sure the films are meant to be aspirational but, hey, to each their own.

WATCH: Joe Biden’s Top 10 Moments

Let’s see here, so this week we have the inauguration of a new president who just about everyone has strong feelings about one way or the other, the exit of a president with some of the highest outgoing approval numbers in the past 40 years, the NFL conference championship games, the announced return of Will & Grace…and all we can focus on is the nostalgia of all the good times with Vice President Joe Biden. From his bromance with President Obama, to his aviator shades, to his use of the word “malarkey,” he will be missed by many across the political spectrum. Feeling nostalgic for Joe? Check out some of his top moments on Vanity Fair’s XUMO channel here.

It's been a busy week, so here's something to make you smile.

WATCH: 14 Funny Pet Videos 2017

There are A LOT of serious issues taking center stage this week and we at XUMO need a break. That’s why we’re running this new 2017 compilation of funny pet videos around the offices—why be up to date on the latest political news when you can watch a dog try to figure out how to deal with a lemon or a cat claim a laptop as her domain. So, take a break from the troubles of the real world and enjoy the struggles of a cute husky trying to catch a miniature racecar flying around the track on The Pet Collective’s XUMO channel!

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Specials of the Week: Jan 9

Posted by XUMO on Jan 9, 2017 5:06:52 PM

Are you aware that CES just wrapped up and, according to what we saw there, robot cars are going to be controlling our lives in the very near future while we (virtually) walk around and kick bad guys with our pseudo-Birkenstock footwear? Have you prepared your Winter-Spring wardrobe according to the best and worst looks from the red carpet of The Golden Globes on Sunday night? Do you know enough about the NFL divisional round matchups this weekend to speak forcefully and indignantly to anyone who will listen that you know who the winner of the Packers/Cowboys game will be and anyone who disagrees with you is an absolute moron? Well, my friend, we’ve got all your bases covered with a very special first Junk Food Blog of the year. If you were worried about how you would keep up with the world without us, fear not! We’re back and ready to rock 2017 with the coolest, freest (should it be freeest? Eh, who knows) content from some of your favorite XUMO channels!

Mashable—Virtual Reality “Shoes”

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a burning desire to walk and kick…in virtual reality? Really? I thought it was just me! Walking IRL (in real life for those of you who haven’t reduced your vocabulary to acronyms) is just so 2016; let me get my action in on the VR! Mashable put together a cool video on the new Taclim shoes built for gamers who want to dedicate themselves to full immersion. And with a price tag of $1,000 for a pair of shoes that look like they offer very little in the way of functional support, you’d better get full immersion if you shell out for them!

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Specials of the Week: Dec 5

Posted by XUMO on Dec 5, 2016 9:27:22 PM

You gon’ learn today! In this week’s edition of the XUMO Junk Food Blog, we learn that the brain uses 20 percent of our daily oxygen and caloric needs while representing just two percent of our mass, how to travel during the holidays like a pro, whether or not Tiger still has it and whether or not we’ve discovered the next American Ninja Warrior on FailArmy—we haven’t. Interested? Of course you are! Check out links to some of the past week’s best XUMO content below!

FailArmy—Fails of the Week

You aren’t truly up to date on your world news if you haven’t seen the most recent “Fails of the Week” compilation from FailArmy. This week, we have a guy who (for some reason) seems to be practicing throw his Christmas tree like a javelin, a cute kid letting it be known that receiving a can of soup for Christmas was NOT okay no matter how funny her dad thought it was, a guy who likely won’t be making it as an Olympic gymnast (although there is a certain degree of difficulty in somehow finding a way to land on top of the uneven bars) and the next American Ninja Warrior—or maybe just a guy who will be watching on TV.

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Specials of the Week: Dec 1

Posted by XUMO on Dec 1, 2016 3:41:09 PM

Please accept our most sincere apologies for keeping you waiting this week for the latest and greatest content available on XUMO. You see, when you eat what feels like 27 pounds of turkey, cornbread, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, apple pie—and did I mention gravy?—the food comma can last well into the following week. We’re not saying that’s what happened here, we’re just not saying that’s not what happened. With that said, welcome to a special “No Food Whatsoever Because We Can’t Stand the Sight of It,” edition of the XUMO Junk Food Blog! 

JASH—The ArScheerio Paul Show: Vanilla Ice and Flavor Flav Interview Reenactment

Ever wondered what it would be like to watch Schmidt from New Girl reenact a 1991 Arsenio Hall interview with Vanilla Ice? Of course you have. And it’s even better than you’ve imagined it! Add in a little Flavor Flav and it’s almost too much to handle…almost. Disclaimer—If you’re hoping to watch this and gain better insight into Vanilla Ice’s improbable rise to fame, there isn’t a video on the planet that can you with that (just be grateful for the comedy!). Big thanks to JASH, one of XUMO’s latest channels, for the awesome Schmidt/Vanilla Ice mash up we’ve never knew we always wanted!

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Specials of the Week: Thanksgiving

Posted by XUMO on Nov 22, 2016 3:31:22 PM

It’s almost Black Friday’s Eve—or, as some of you may still remember it from the good ol’ days, Thanksgiving. Before you strap on those trusty Thanksgiving pants with the elastic waistband to help maximize your pumpkin pie intake, take a moment to head over to XUMO. We’ve got you covered with delectable dessert recipes, ideas for what to do with your leftovers and invaluable advice for how to discuss politics with your loved ones during the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving from the XUMO team! 

The Onion—How to Discuss Politics with Your Loved Ones

Just when we thought the election was over and we could go a week without discussing politics, something horrible happens…family comes over for Thanksgiving. And in every family there are invariably a few (or more) crazies. And the kookier your beloved Crazy Aunt Helen is, the more vocal she’s going to be about her political views. Not to worry! The Onion has been kind enough to put together some tips for discussing politics with family this holiday season with gems like “Regularly remind yourself not to let political differences affect your personal relationships with your family. That’s the job of your grandfather’s estate.” and “Begin any counterpoint by irately screaming ‘I respectfully disagree!’ inches from your loved one’s face.” With tips like these, what could go wrong?

*By reading this paragraph, you have agreed not to blame XUMO for your family’s inevitable falling out this Thanksgiving! 

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Specials of the Week: Nov 14

Posted by XUMO on Nov 14, 2016 1:44:17 PM

Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” We couldn’t agree more—and, if you don’t agree, then take it up with Charlie (and maybe your therapist because that’s pretty dark). For everyone else, XUMO is putting some respek on the names of some of today’s greatest comedians this month and, because we feel like we’re friends and we can tell you things, we’re highlighting a few especially funny clips below. Check them out on XUMO! 

Funny or Die—President George Bush (Will Ferrell) Gets His Gopher

It’s been a grueling election season, but let’s not talk about Trump or Hillary. Instead, let’s all enjoy America’s favorite president of all time—Will Ferrell as former President George Bush. Funny or Die has all kinds of hilarious Will Ferrell clips in arguably his most famous role, and we strongly recommend you check out his video announcing he killed the gopher that had been vexing him only to find out midway through his speech that we got Bin Laden, leading him to exclaim, “Well that’s two good things!”

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Specials of the Week: #ElectionResults

Posted by XUMO on Nov 9, 2016 1:40:01 PM

And that’s a wrap. Whether you’re elated, devastated or just deeply, deeply concerned, the election is over. We know Donald Trump is the President-Elect, but beyond that there’s still a lot to unpack. How will this unprecedented and unlikely election result impact financial markets and the world economy? Will Trump be gracious in victory? How are Trump’s supporters reacting around the world? XUMO has all the bases covered with clips, highlights and analysis from last night’s historic election result.

Bloomberg Politics—Trump and the Markets

In this clip, Bloomberg Politics takes a closer look at economic policy and the markets in a Trump Presidency. Trump’s strong views on immigration, trade and foreign policy lend to uncertainty which can often lead to volatility in the markets. There are a lot of variables and only time will tell, but this XUMO video does a great job of laying out the groundwork for understanding the economic implications of this historic election.

Newsy—Donald Trump Victory Speech

Donald Trump opened by saying he had spokenwith Secretary Clinton and the two had congratulated each other on a hard fought campaign. He then stated unequivocally that he would be President for all Americans, not just his supporters. He also spoke directly to the world community, emphasizing that while he would put America’s interests first, he would pursue fair trade deals with foreign countries. Check out the highlights from the Donald Trump victory speech here on XUMO.

TIME—Hillary Clinton CampaignChief Addresses the Crowd

In the early hours of the morning, Hillary Clinton Campaign Chief John Podesta addressed a decidedly bewildered and uneasy New York City crowd gathered to support Hillary Clinton at the Javits Center. He told them that every vote counts and that some states were still too close to call. He asked everyone to go home and get some sleep. By the time people woke, it had become clear Trump was the victor. Hillary Clinton is still planning to deliver a concession speech but catch highlights from John Podesta’s remarks last night here on XUMO.

Reuters—Europe’s Far-Right Celebrates Trump Victory

It’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t have strong feelings about the 2016 election, and that extends well beyond America’s borders. The far-right wing across Europe is toasting Trump’s victory (quite literally in Russia) and acknowledging the significance of thishistoric election outcome for the world’s most powerful country. No doubt this election will have an impact on each of these countries as well. XUMO has you covered with a recap of Trump supporters reacting across Europe.

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Specials of the Week: Nov 3

Posted by XUMO on Nov 3, 2016 1:54:29 PM

Welcome back to a very competitive edition of the XUMO Junk Food Blog! Get ready to choose sides because this week we have the Cubs vs. the Indians (and 108 years of sorrow), Google Home vs. Amazon Echo, a couple of lovely human beings running for President (I write that as I smile through the tears typing under my desk), and Jess vs anyone else ever for Rory’s heart. All stretched out and ready to go? Good. LET’S GET IT ON like Mills Lane (not Marvin Gaye, silly. This is the competition edition, remember?) with some of our best new videos over on XUMO. 

FOX Sports—Skip Bayless Congratulates the Cubs

Spoiler alert. The Cubs won. 108 years of suffering is over, the city of Chicago is popping bottles of champagne that have been saved since the turn of the 20th century and LeBron no longer has to pretend to be an Indians fan (seriously, is that guy the biggest bandwagoner EVER or what?). Just one small problem—the win doesn’t count until Skip Bayless gives you his opinion…and we all know he’s going to give you his opinion! Never fear, Cubs fans, we’ve got you covered on the FOX Sports channel on XUMO!

 Mashable—Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

It’s a battle for the ages—well, if you forget the fact that Echo was only released last year and Home hits stores just this Friday. But let’s not get sidetracked because this matchup results in an epic knockout when Mashable puts these two smart home devices to the test. Which one comes out as the clear pound for pound champ? You’ll have to watch to find out of course!

Bloomberg Politics—Clinton Leads Among White College Grads

It’s Trump v Clinton Round 212—College Educated Whites edition. This is a demographic Republicans have historically owned. President Obama did not win this group in the 2012 election but Hillary is winning it now, now by a convincing margin. It’s an interesting stat as we continue to see polarizing opinions on Trump not only within the country as a whole, but amongst Caucasians when you take a closer look at factors like education. Bloomberg Politics digs into this divide on XUMO. 

POPSUGAR—5 Reasons We NEED Rory to End up with Jess

We’re down to 22 days until the Gilmore Girls return to our lives but who’s counting? And by who’s counting, I mean who isn’t counting?! Whether your personal favorite character is Luke, Michel, Sookie, Kirk or one of the Girls themselves, we can all agree on one thing—Rory must must must end up with Jess. He’s her lobster (*Friends reference for a bonus dollop of pop culture flair). While there are (at least) a million reasons these two are MFEO (Sleepless in Seattle, anyone?), POPSUGAR makes a compelling case examining five of the best. Check it out on the XUMO channel…and then head over to Luke’s for a burger. 

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Specials of the Week: #HalloweenIsComing

Posted by XUMO on Oct 24, 2016 11:36:10 AM

Halloween is just a week out and XUMO is getting into the spirit. Not in the spirit of the season yet? We’ve got Trumpkins, scaredy cats (literally), pumpkin pie in a mug that looks freakin’ amazing and zombie pets. If none of that inspires you to break out that old Jason Voorhees mask and pumpkin candy basket, nothing will! Check out the latest, coolest, freakiest Halloween has to offer this week on XUMO! 

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Specials of the Week: #DebateNight Round 3

Posted by XUMO on Oct 20, 2016 4:22:12 PM

And that’s a wrap. Whether you found the debates informative, entertaining, confusing or terrifying, they’ve come to an end. The questions have been asked and (kinda sorta) answered. But, if you’re looking for more, we have you covered with the best clips, highlights and analysis. It’s all free on XUMO. Check it out:

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