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Happy Halloween!

Posted by XUMO on Oct 30, 2018 9:30:09 AM

Happy Halloween, streamers and screamers! The ghosts and goblins have taken over XUMO, and your Halloween Headquarters awaits! Whether you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment or the ultimate horror flick, we’ve got ya covered. Keep reading to see what’s streaming...if you dare.

A young man travels back in time, finding himself entrenched in the Civil War with an army of Frankensteins.ArmyOfFrankenstein_Hero

WATCH THE MOVIEA family of witches turn a mean orphaned girl into a cat to teach her a lesson.MooMoo


While watching two children on Halloween, a babysitter finds a VHS tape featuring three tales of terror, all linked together by a murderous clown. Xumo_AllHallowsEve_1920x739_v1


Kids it's a spooky Halloween Night! Get ready to sing and dance with the monsters, skeletons, zombies and many more creepy characters but try not to get too scared! Happy Hoopla Halloween!heroUnit_tv_hooplaHalloween

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Come back next week—same time—for next week's specials!

In the meantime, here's where you can find XUMO.xumoAvailable_V2.png

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