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Healthcare Bill Making You Sick?

Posted by XUMO on Jul 18, 2017 4:04:56 PM

We’re shaking and stirring things up a bit this week and giving you more of what you like (videos), and less of what you don’t like, (stuff to read). So, without further ado, rock (and watch) on!

WATCH: Is Lonzo Ball Trying to Separate Himself from LaVar’s Big Baller Brand?

No matter what size shoe you wear, following in dad’s footsteps is not always cut-and-dried.sports.jpg

Walk a Mile in Lonzo's Shoes

WATCH: Senate GOP's Latest Health Care Effort Dies In Less Than 15 Hours 

It’s been a tumultuous week for the Senate GOP in the repeal-replace realm. First it was repeal and replace, then it was repeal only, and now it’s let it fail. Anyone else getting whiplash? TBD on what happens next. In the meantime, this video recaps it all for ya.596e17e136dea3235e5418d0_1280x720_F_v1.jpg

Get The Skinny on Health Care

WATCH: Top 10 Game-Changing Game of Thrones Moments

Personally, I think Ed Sheeran’s cameo was pretty game-changing, especially considering his character is from King’s Landing, aka a Castle on the Hill. Coincidence? I think not!170713_PEN_TOP10_GOT_202_14869573632_mp4_video_1920x1080_8000000_primary_audio_eng_8_1920x1080_14872133843.jpg

Shall We Begin?

 WATCH: Pets Living The Good Life

The good life. It’s what many of us strive for, and few of us achieve. Among the few, are these pets.tpc.jpg

Observe The Good Life

 WATCH: Strength Goals 

Trying to get swol? Look no further for your fitspiration. We’re having major strength envy, and let’s just say...diet starts tomorrow.paa.jpg

Find Your Fitspo

 WATCH: Winners of the 2017 World Emoji Awards 

The heart eyes, raised hands, stuck-out tongue winking eye, the poop and dancing girls. Just a couple of our favorite emojis. Hey, don’t judge! In the meantime, check out what everybody else likes.emojis.jpg

Go Emoji On Us

 WATCH: Matcha Yogurt Breakfast Bowl 

Have we told you how matcha we love you? Or that Matcha and Yogurt are a match(a) made in heaven? If you don’t believe us, try it yourself!matcha.jpg

Have So Matcha Fun

 WATCH: How to Do the Perfect Push-Up 

An OG-move in the fitness world, but brutal and potentially dangerous if done incorrectly. GQ is here to make sure you can be in it to win it.gq_how-to-push-up.jpg

Let's Get Physical

 WATCH: People React to Pimple Popping Videos 

Is it just us, or is pimple popping everyone’s guilty pleasure? Warning, may cause queasiness. presents_people-react-to-pimple-popping-videos.jpg

Let's Get it Poppin' in Here

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