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November News of the Week

Posted by XUMO on Nov 7, 2017 12:58:07 PM

Wave goodbye to daylight savings time, and say hello to this week’s Junk Food Blog! This week we’ve got videos covering the Texas Church Shooting, NFL quarterback debates, and a few Thanksgiving videos because we’re too excited to wait another two weeks to start talking turkey and all things T-day. Ready, set, STREAM! 

WATCH: Why The Texas Church Shooting Suspect Was Able To Buy A Gun

The former U.S. Air Force service member served a year in confinement for domestic violence charges.Texas.png

Learn Why Here   

WATCH:The Most Underrated Quarterback in All of Pro Football

Any guesses? Skip Bayless sure does! 171106_skip_cowboys_thumb000000_1280x720_1089420355964 (1).jpg

Find Out Who  

WATCH: Kim Kardashian’s Macaroni and Cheese

Will Kim K's ridiculously rich mac and cheese recipe break the internet? Hopefully not, because we’re planning to use this recipe for Thanksgiving! Check it out on the Tastemade channel.  tastemade.jpeg

Get The Recipe 

WATCH: Turkeys

This one goes out to all the turkeys in your life. Just in time for Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble!turkeys.jpg

Watch The Video

Come back next week—same time—for next week's specials!

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