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Specials of the Week: Oct 18

Posted by XUMO on Oct 18, 2016 5:41:14 PM

You’ve been waiting all week to see which videos would make the cut on the latest Junk Food Blog Special’s of the Week and we are here to deliver. We’ve spent hours tracking metrics, conducting polls, aggregating res—actually, we just watched a bunch of cool vids a lot of you have been watching and picked our favorites. Below are some of the popular videos that other XUMO users are enjoying and sharing as well as videos that, well, maybe you should watch to stay informed. New every week! Check it out:

WIRED—The Frontiers

Check out this interesting conversation about artificial intelligence with President Barack Obama. He takes a more realistic approach to AI concerns than robots taking over the earth and discusses the more immediate future of Specialized AI technology and what we need to be careful of. It’s a fascinating topic and a great discussion.


FOX Sports—Skip and Shannon Disagree about Cam Newton

Disagreeing with Skip could be the title of virtually any sports segment with Skip Bayless but Shannon has some so really interesting insight into Cam’s responsibilities as a leader in speaking with the media after a loss. Check out this new clip from Undisputed on XUMO’s latest channel addition, FOX Sports.


Just for Laughs Gags—Skunk on a Beach

Ever wondered what would happen if a skunk were turned loose on a crowded beach? Silly question; of course you have! Just for Laugh Gags (a new XUMO channel!) takes on this important scientific study for your viewing pleasure.


 Newsy—PepsiCo Drinks are Getting Less SugaryNewsy

It’s not just sugar, though, the company is also trying avoid losing consumers by reducing sodium and saturated fats in it’s products. In this video, Newsy examines PepsiCo’s plans to appeal to the changing tastes of consumers as people become more and more health conscious. Screen_Shot_2016-10-18_at_8.36.40_PM.png

 Come back next week—same time—for next week's specials!

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