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Want to know a secret?

Posted by XUMO on Aug 22, 2017 10:56:59 AM

If you’re successfully reading this and have not gone blind from staring directly at the solar eclipse sans glasses, congratulations! We’re thrilled to have you here! Between Bannon leaving the White House last week and the Secret Service running out of money, there’s no shortage of videos for you to take a gander at this week. We’ve also thrown in a video on why the solar eclipse is so cool (so you can prepare for the next one), and another on who’s rocking the sox socks off of Reggie Jackson. Welcome to another edition of the Junk Food Blog!

WATCH: The Secret Service Is Running Out of Money to Pay Its Agents

You know the feeling when you check your bank account and, well, you’re not exactly “rollin’ in the dough” as much as you thought you were? The secret service knows the feeling.secretservice.jpg

Watch the Not-So-Secret Problem    

WATCH: Why the Solar Eclipse Was So Fascinating

The solar eclipse this past Monday was a BFD, but why? Check out this video so you’ll be ready by 2024.thenewyorker_why-the-solar-eclipse-is-so-fascinating.jpg

Watch Why The Solar Eclipse is AWESOME    

WATCH: Bannon: I'm Revving Up the Breitbart Machine

Steve Bannon leaves the White House and now all eyes are shifting over to Breitbart News. Anyone else wishing they could be a fly on the wall of that newsroom?bannon.jpg

Learn What Impact Bannon Will Have  

WATCH: Reggie Jackson's Top Clutch Players in MLB

These guys hit it out of the park on the reg. (literally).Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.56.41 PM.png

Find Out Who Made The List

Come back next week—same time—for next week's specials!

In the meantime, here's where you can find XUMO.xumoAvailable.png

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