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Specials of the Week: Valentine's Day!

Posted by Fern Feistel on Feb 14, 2017 3:41:36 PM

This week on the Junk Food Blog, it’s the most romantic Tuesday night of the year! No, not Halloween, smart @$* (though that is on a Tuesday this year). It’s Valentine’s Day, people. Break out the chocolates because carbs don’t count today! They’re definitely going to count tomorrow but that’s tomorrow you’s problem. I’ll tell you what does count today—love. I’m talking good old-fashioned chocolate-covered strawberries and rich chocolate cake dessert love mixed with a little bit of science and pug bathing. Trust me, just go with it (and read the rest of the blog or else that’s not going to make any sense whatsoever). Happy Valentine’s Day!

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What are we watching, if not TV?

Posted by Fern Feistel on Feb 5, 2016 3:41:10 PM

Reports surface every week that hail the demise of TV and highlight the shortcomings of cable networks. However, it’s important to note that these trends are merely symptoms. They are symptoms of a larger, cultural change spearheaded by the generation of yours truly—the *in James Earl Jones’ voice* millennials. We are consuming more than any other generation and are, as a result, reshaping digital consumption and the future of video production, as we you know it. Habits are hard to break, but if an alternative to your habit is presented, you find that it’s easier to shift gears—pivot, if you will—and form new habits. Our habit of being a couch potato and tied down by our DVR has nearly come to an end. Don’t get me wrong, we still want to consume the same, if not more, content. We are just extremely adept at finding streaming it from various places/applications via two, maybe three, screens. Let’s take a deeper look at my generation, an even younger generation, and how our changing habits are transforming the broadcast and pay TV world, as you know it. 

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